Disciplinary Education in the three branches

  • Lectures
  • Weekly seminars - talks by PhDs or invited speakers with additional get-together to exchange scientific ideas
  • Journal clubs - presenting and discussing publications with colleagues
  • Practica

Interdisciplinary Education

  • Workshops, seminars, hop-overs, summer schools, big picture seminar series
  • Proposal factory – in the framework of a seminar, mentoring by experienced researchers
  • Peer-review system – peer-to-peer review training
  • Soft-skill training – mental health, time management, diversity, ...

 Upcoming Activities

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08.06.2021 16:01

Register now for the interdisciplinary 'Big Picture Panel Discussion: Science Communication - Challenges and Opportunities' on 16 + 17 June 2021.


Lern how Ronald Miletich investigates how produced potassium-containing carbonates react to different pressure and temperature conditions.


VISESS announces a PhD position for the research project "Upper Cretaceous calcareous nannofossil assemblage changes and events evaluated on a...


In her PhD thesis Tadeja Veršič from VISESS aims to unravel the mystery of dark matter. In this video she gives an insight into her research.


Insgesamt 14 neue Doktoratsschulen - darunter VISESS, die Vienna International School for Earth and Space Sciences an der FGGA - starten diesen Herbst...


In a video message, the Vice Rector of the University of Vienna is welcoming all doctoral students to their new doctoral school: "Starting a PhD is a...

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