Overview of the proposed structure for the 3 year doctoral programme of the University of Vienna.

  • The duration of the PhD programme is 3 to maximum 4 years. Information on structure and milestones of the PhD programme at the University of Vienna can be found here. VISESS PhD students and supervisors will find here a step-by-step guideline to the successful navigation of a PhD project, including explanations on the tasks and duties.

  • PhD students are expected to collect ECTS credits as indicated in the respective curriculum. See here for further information.

  • Within the first year after registration, candidates must present their doctoral thesis project in a Faculty Open Presentation (FÖP). After the successful presentation, candidates are expected to sign a doctoral thesis agreement with their supervisors and the University of Vienna.
  • The progress of the doctoral thesis project is documented in annual reports by the student based on yearly meetings with their supervisors.

  • Every doctoral student is invited to find a personal mentor from the group of junior researchers or postdocs.