Public Presentations (FÖP) & Defences

The public presentations (FÖP) of all dissertation projects and all public defences (defensio) are announced via the SSC and here. Students as well as faculty members are very welcome to inform themselves about current research topics and start an interdisciplinary discourse!

Public presentations (FÖP)

Public defences


  • Earth (Earth Sciences, Meteorology, Geophysics and Environmental Sciences)
    • Johannes Mayer
      Dissertation title: Diagnosed evolution of ocean surface energy fluxes in warming climate
      Date: 06 October 2023, 11:00
      Venue: Hörsaal 2 2A122, UZA II, Josef-Holaubek-Platz 2, 1090 Vienna
    • Ge Bian
      Dissertation title: Oriented acicular magnetite micro-inclusions in plagioclase from oceanic gabbro
      Date: 02 August 2023, 10:00
      Venue: Eberhard Clar Saal 2B204, UZA II, Josef-Holaubek-Platz 2, 1090 Vienna and online
    • Zhaoliang Hou
      Dissertation title: Fault zone microstructures and the associated fluid-rock interactions in highly porous rocks
      Date: 30 June 2023, 14:00
      Venue:  Eberhard Clar Saal 2B204, UZA II, Josef-Holaubek-Platz 2, 1090 Vienna
    • Asma Nasir
      Dissertation title: Analysis of the seismicity of the Vienna Basin Transfer Fault System with respect to completeness of record and aftershock sequences
      Date: 17 January 2023, 11:00
      Venue:  Eberhard Clar Saal 2B204, UZA II, Josef-Holaubek-Platz 2, 1090 Vienna
    • Haoyuan Hong
      Dissertation title: Landslide susceptibility mapping based on integration models
      Date: 12 December 2022, 08:30
      Venue: online
    • Jean-Guillaume Feignon
      Dissertation title: Petrography, geochemistry, and shock metamorphism of the impactites from the Chicxulub impact structure peak ring (Yucatan peninsula, Mexico) recovered by the IODP-ICDP Expedition 364 drilling
      Date: 05 December 2022, 15:00
      Venue: Neumayr Saal, UZA II, Josef-Holaubek-Platz 2, 1090 Vienna and online
    • Jan Landwehrs
      Dissertation title: Drivers of Mesozoic Paleoclimate Change across Time Scales - Supercontinent Breakup, Orbital Cycles and Volcanic Disruptions
      Date: 07 November 2022, 10:00
      Venue: online
    • Artemii Novoselov
      Dissertation title: ThunderSeis: Seismic analysis of thunder signals
      Date: 07 June 2022, 16:00
      Venue: Exner-Raum 2F513, UZA II, Josef-Holaubek-Platz 2, 1090 Vienna 
    • Eric Löberich
      Dissertation title: Constraints on the Origin of Anisotropy in the Upper Mantle: More Insights from SKS Shear-Wave Splitting
      Date: 20 May 2022, 16:00
      Venue: online
    • Seyed Hamidreza Azami
      Dissertation title: Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Paleogene Pabdeh Formation including the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum in the Zagros Basin, SW-Iran
      Date: 15 December 2021, 15:00
      Venue: online
  • Cosmos (Astronomy)
    • Bianca-Iulia Ciocan
      Dissertation title: The properties of late-type galaxies in environments of clusters at their peak assembly epoch
      Date: 02 June 2023, 11:00
      Venue: Sternwarte, SE2, Türkenschanzstrasse 17, 1180 Wien
    • Michael Michaux
      Dissertation title: High-order Methods for Numerical Cosmological Simulations
      Date: 15 December 2021, 16:00
      Venue: online
    • Josefa Großschedl
      Date: 24 September 2021, 9:30
      Venue: Littrow Lecture Hall, Department of Astrophysics (Türkenschanzstarße 17, 1180 Wien)
      Maximum of 30 people! Evidence of negative Covid-19-status (3G - tested, recovered, vaccinated) is mandatory for every participant!
  • Anthroposphere (Geography)
    • Stefan Haselberger
      Dissertation title: Biogeomorphic Interactions in Glacier Forelands: A Quantitative Assessment of Sediment Transport and Vegetation Succession in the Kaunertal Valley, Austria
      Date: 23 October 2023; 10:00
      Venue: Konferenzraum (NIG), 1010 Vienna, Universitätsstraße 7, 5. floor and online
    • Alexandra Frangenheim
      Dissertation title: Innovation-based regional industrial change in the face of societal challenges: green path development, interpath relations and barriers to change
      Date: 23 January 2023; 13:00
      Venue: online
    • Pedro Henrique Muniz Lima
      Dissertation title: Landslide susceptibility mapping at varied scales. Methodological design adaptations to cope with common input data-related challenges
      Date: 15 December 2022, 16:00
      Venue: online
    • Martina Schorn
      Dissertation Title: Strategien einer jugendorientierten Regionalentwicklung. Eine fallvergleichende Analyse in von Jugendabwanderung betroffenen ländlichen Räumen Deutschlands und Österreichs.
      Date: 26 July 2022, 15:00
      Venue: online
    • Margherita Johanna Stumvoll-Schmaltz
      Dissertation Title: Monitoring of a complex, slow-moving landslide - implications on spatio-temporal landslide dynamics
      Date: 17 December 2021, 15:00
      Venue: online
    • Stefanie Döringer
      Dissertation Title: Individual agency in regional economic development: Governance entrepreneurship in peripheral towns
      Date: 13 December 2021, 9:30
      Venue: online