[CALL CLOSED] VISESS 2022 Spring Call

  • Interested in PhD research on the Cosmos, Earth or Anthroposphere in an inspiring and interdisciplinary environment? - Apply at the Vienna International School of Earth and Space Sciences!
  • The doctoral school is currently soliciting applications for 9 PhD positions in the three branches 'Cosmos', 'Earth' and 'Anthroposphere'. Inform yourself about the projects.
  • Convinced you want to be part of VISESS? Fill out the application form until the deadline of 15 April 2022!

Application Process VISESS 2022 Spring Call


  • To apply, download the application form and fill it out. Note that there is no word limit for fields in the form.
  • Upload the application form on our recruiting website. To access the recruiting website, you are required to create a personal account (u:account). Refer to this link for a quick how-to. Do not deactivate "Don't notify me" after you submitted your application. Otherwise you will not receive any update on your application status.
  • After the deadline, applications will be reviewed and evaluated in a multi-step process. Short-listed candidates will be invited for a (remote) interview. The selected top candidates will receive an offer shortly thereafter. 
  • All applicants will be kept informed of the status of their application.
  • Any further questions? Please contact admin.visess@univie.ac.at.  


VISESS Poster for download

Thank you for advertising our call / poster at your institution's notice board!