Open PhD Positions at VISESS

VISESS offers several PhD projects in the fields of Cosmos, Earth and Anthroposphere which are announced during a joint international call, usually in autumn. Throughout the year, additional projects might be announced. Keep an eye on our website to stay up to date with future announcements!

VISESS Call for Applications

 Call for applications closed

  • The VISESS 2020 Call for applications is closed. Deadline for applications was 15 November 2020.
  • Interested in PhD research on the Cosmos, Earth or Anthroposphere in an inspiring and interdisciplinary environment? - Apply at the Vienna International School of Earth and Space Sciences!
  • During the last call, our doctoral school announced more than 30 PhD projects in the three branches "Cosmos", "Earth" and "Anthroposphere": Inform yourselve about the projects.
  • Convinced you want to be part of VISESS? - Once the next call is open, fill out our application form!

Information about the futher application process of the 2020 Call

After the deadline, applications will be reviewed and evaluated in a multi-step process. Short-listed candidates will be invited for a (remote) interview in early 2021. The interviews will be held during 11 - 21 January 2021. The selected top candidates will receive an offer shortly thereafter.

After a successful application, as a last step doctoral candidates have to be admitted to the Doctoral Study programme of the Universty of Vienna. For further information, please visit the Center for Doctoral Studies website of the University of Vienna.

All applicants will be kept informed of the status of their application.

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