Potential (co-) Supervisors

All our supervisors consent to the code of good practice.




  • Embleton-Hamann, Christine: Environmental Change, Mountain Geomorphology, Human Impact on Alpine Environments, Theoretical Concepts of Physical Geography and Geomorphology
  • Faßmann, Heinz: Spatial Research, Spatial Planning
  • Glade, Thomas: Geomorphic Systems, Human Impact on the Earth Surface, Hazard & Risk Analysis, Early Warning & Monitoring, Risk Governance
  • Glatzel, Stephan:Soil Ecology, Peatland Science, Micrometeorology
  • Heintel, Martin: Urban and Rural Development, Spatial Research and Spatial Planning, Regional Governance, Political Geography
  • Hintermann, Christiane: Theory of Didactics, Geographical Memory Research, Migration and Diversity
  • Husa, Karl: Human Geography, Urban Geography, Urban Development, Demographic Change
  • Janowicz, Krzysztof: Cartography and Geoinformation
  • Kainz, Wolfgang: Cartography and Geo-Information Science
  • KounadiOurania: Location Privacy – Geocomputation – Predictive Analytics – Crime Analysis
  • Kraushaar, Sabine: Soil Erosion and Transport, Permafrost Degradation, Sediment and Water Fingerprinting, (Hydro-)chemical tracer analysis, Critical Physical Geography
  • Krellenberg, Kerstin: Urban Studies, Sustainability Transformations, Socio-ecological-technical interactions, Impacts of Global Environmental and Digital Change
  • Kriz, Karel: Cartography and Geoinformation Science, Geokommunikation, Topographic and Thematic Mapping, Mountain Cartography
  • Poeppl, Ronald: Human Impact on Fluvial Systems, Soil Erosion, Sediment Connectivity, Human-Environmental Interactions
  • Priebs, Axel: Spatial Planning, Regional Cooperation, Metropolitan Regions
  • Sakdapolrak, Patrick: Human-Environment-Relations, Migration and Displacement, Health and Disease
  • Trippl, Michaela: Geography of Innovation, Regional Structural Change, Geography of Sustainability Transitions, Innovation Policy, Labour Mobility and Regional Development
  • Wagreich, Michael: Holocene-Anthropocene
  • Weixlbaumer, Norbert: Nature Conservation Policies (large scale protected areas), Geography of Food, Rural Geography, Alpine Space