We are proud of our Alumni!

Here are some recent statements from their side:

Researchgate profile of Claudia Paladini

Dr. Claudia Paladini, European Southern Observatories

"When I applied for a PhD I had a few offers. I chose Vienna for my studies attracted by a supervising team in my research field and fully engaged in outstanding projects such as the ESO VLTI, ELT, and ESA space missions. The Institute is characterized by a stimulating working environment, ideal for a student moving the first steps in the world of professional Astronomy. My experience at the University of Vienna played a crucial role in the development in my career that brought me to become an Operations Astronomer at the European Southern Observatory with duty station in Paranal, Chile. A dream becoming true!"

Dr. Daniel Smrzka, University of Vienna

"I chose the faculty in Vienna for my advanced studies due to the excellent opportunities to broaden my scientific horizon in the form of extensive field work. This was largely lacking in my previous scientific experience, yet I consider it a key element that every geologist should be capable of conducting.

The faculty offers excellent infrastructure, as well as highly competent researchers that conduct open-minded, creative research and follow an open door policy, thus offering excellent opportunities for young researchers to pursue their own creative potential at the beginning of their career and beyond.

The expertise offered by our faculty in terms of field work, geologic mapping, appraisal of rocks in outcrop with conventional tools and cutting-edge technologies using satellite and drone imagery, as well as the opportunity to work on a worldwide basis is truly exceptional. If good research ideas are forthcoming, little more is required to pursue one's research aims, which is great!"

Researchgate profile of Daniel Smrzka

Dr. Jakob Eder, Austrian Academy of Sciences

“The working group in economic geography at the faculty offers a highly inspiring and supportive environment, along with great expertise in the most relevant fields of the discipline. Furthermore, it maintains scientific networks to numerous national and international partners. These were the main reasons for choosing Vienna for my doctoral studies - it were also ideal conditions for an early career researcher.

I could rely on these resources to efficiently structure my PhD project, to engage with the research community, and to successfully navigate my papers through the peer-review process. As such, this PhD program also provided me with all the necessary skills for the next career steps.”