VISESS Summer Schools

Versatile platforms for scientific exchange and networking

With the VISESS Summer Schools, the doctoral school offers versatile platforms for scientific exchange and networking. The summer schools are developed and organised by the different branches and supported by school funds. 




Oman excursion 2020, © Daniel Le Heron

Summer Schools 2021S

Cosmos Summer School

Cosmos Summer School 2021 in remembrance of Ernst Dorfi

will be rescheduled in 2022S (due to Covid-19 measures)

The summer school is organised within the COSMOS branch of the doctoral school VISESS. This years summer school will be in remembrance of Ernst Dorfi, covering his broad science topics with former collaborators and students as invited speakers.

The main topics of this school will be:

  1. Stellar structure and atmospheres
  2. Cosmic rays and supernovae
  3. Stellar and galactic winds
  4. Advanced methods in hydrodynamics and radiation
  5. Primordial planetary atmospheres
  6. Protoplanetary disks.

For further information, please visit the course directory.

Anthroposphere Summer School

Anthroposphere Summer School 2021 on Human Geography and Mobility Studies

5-9th July 2021, 9:00-18:00, Hotel Europahaus, Vienna


The schummer school is targeted at PhD students of Human Geography and Mobility Studies who are at different stages of writing their PhD / dissertation theses. The Summerschool will primarily deal with topics related to cumulative (paper based) theses, but will also include aspects relevant for those doing their thesis in form of a monograph (book) publication.

The summer school aims at supporting PhD students in various aspects of their publication activities. 

After taking part in the Summerschool, 

  • the participants have an overview of possible different types of texts and manuscripts that are relevant to them (e.g. empirical article, review article, expose, blog, framing, etc)
  • the participants know the formal requirements for a dissertation (cumulative, monograph) in their respective discipline (geography, mobility studies)
  • the participants have proceeded with their overall planning of the cumulative or monograph thesis writing project
  • the participants have proceeded with the planning or advancement of a specific, own, current writing project; this will consider the different stages, with several time slots during the Summerschool scheduled for individually work, accompanied by inputs and feedback
  • the participants are familiar with fundamentals of the publishing and review process, including:
    • steps in getting a manuscript published (finding an appropriate journal, tailoring an article for a specific journal, …)
    • the review process and structuring a manuscript revision
    • how to critically but constructively review themselves
    • the participants are aware of their own writing practices and have appropriate strategies to improve their writing, including strategies to overcome a writing blockage, and possibly enjoy writing
    • the participants have an understanding of the relationship between scientific work and writing (e.g. how do theory, epistemology, methodology, and method "work" together? What can I publish where, and in what form?)
    • the participants know different impact indices (e.g. h-factor,) and can assess them critically

There will be a mix of input sessions and presentations by the organizers and by external experts; group work sessions where participants with similar stages or strategies of publishing will share experiences, give and get feedback, and receive additional, more specific inputs; and time-slots for individual work where participants can proceed with their specific writing projects.

Summer school language is English.

For further information please visit the course directory.