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Summer schools during summer term 2021

We are happy to announce two summer schools during summer term 2021!

Cosmos Summer School

Aims and contents:
The summer school is organised within the COSMOS branch of the doctoral school VISESS. This years summer school will be in remembrance of Ernst Dorfi, covering his broad science topics with former collaborators and students as invited speakers.

The main topics of this school will be:

  1. Stellar structure and atmospheres
  2. Cosmic rays and supernovae
  3. Stellar and galactic winds
  4. Advanced methods in hydrodynamics and radiation
  5. Primordial planetary atmospheres
  6. Protoplanetary disks.

The summer school is anticipated to take place in fall 2021 (depending on corona conditions).

For further information, please visit the course directory.

Anthroposphere Summer School

Summer School on Human Geography and Mobility Studies

The School will take place 5 - 9th of July 2021 from 9:00  18:00.

Depending on the corona conditions, classes will be held  in a hybride concept (online and on site).

Further details can be found in the description of the course directory here.

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(Oman excursion 2020, @Daniel Le Heron)