Step #1: Registration (Doktoratsantrag)

Candidates starting their PhD must register their project at the Admission Office (Doktoratszulassungstelle) using the corresponding registration form (Doktoratsantrag).

(See Study Law, Sect.15 (Satzung): )

  • According to the current regulations only Professors, Habilitated PhD holders at the University of Vienna, and associated researcher PI’s of major European grants (e.g., ERC) are entitled to be registered as main supervisors.
  • Staff members (e.g., Postdocs) with a PhD degree can be listed as co-mentors.Note however that this is not possible for Professors.
  • See also:
  • Eligible PhD candidates must hold a Masters degree on a related field before the registration of their thesis project.

Tasks & Duties


  • Prepare a project summary
  • Prepare a timeline
  • Collect certificates of BSc and MSc degrees, as well as a transcript of records
  • Submit documentation via u:space


  • Coordinate the candidate’s documents before submission
  • Assist the candidate on the preparation of their Registration documents (Doktoratsantrag)


  • Received the candidate’s Admission documents (Doktoratsantrag) and Certificates (Abschlusszeugnisse) from the Admission Office via email
  • Check documentation: certificates, thesis project, and timeline
  • (if necessary) Request additional information from the candidate & mentor(s)
  • Sign documents and send back to the Admission Office
  • Inform candidate and mentors about the acceptance of their project into the PhD program