Step #2: Faculty Open Presentation (Fakultätsöffentliche Präsentation, FÖP)

Within the first year of their PhD work, the candidates must present their thesis project in a Faculty Open Presentation (FÖP) organized at the corresponding VISESS branch. The role of the FÖP is to evaluates (a) the feasibility of the project within the designated timeframe and (b) the suitability of the supervisory team (but not the suitability of the candidate; already done during the admission process). If needed, the FÖP committee can also encourage modifications/additions to the project.

The corresponding FÖP meetings are announced by the SSC at the beginning of the semester. PhD candidates must register in advance (deadline 4 weeks before) and prepare the corresponding documentation.

Information about this process can be found here:

The day of the FÖP, the candidates are requested to present their work in a public presentation of (recommended) 10 min plus 5 min Q&A session in front of the FÖP committee (Doktoratsbeirat chaired by the vDSPL). In the case of Geography and Earth, the FÖP is 20 min plus 10 min Q&A.


  • >4 weeks before FÖP: Candidates fill and sent documents to SSC (preferably with vDSPL in cc): (1) Exposé, (2) Registration form (SL/D11), and (3) Good Scientific Practice (SL/W1).
  • 2-3 weeks before FÖP: SSC sends confirmation to vDSPL including (1) Exposé, (2) Registration form (SL/D11), plus (3) Protokoll for each of the candidates
  • ~2 weeks before FÖP: vDSPL informs FÖP committee members and forwards Exposé (if not done by SSC).
  • FÖP event:
    • Presentation carried out by the candidate.
    • Q&A from the FÖP committee members. vDSPL will take notes on the questions from them.
    • After all presentations, and after the candidates and the audience have left the room, the FÖP committee discusses each project individually. They evaluate the project and write recommendations, if needed.
    • vDSPL signs protocols and registration forms for all candidates. Circulates information about FÖP committee members for confirmation.
    • vDSPL sends documents back to SSC with all FÖP committee members in CC.

FÖP committees for VISESS:

Tasks & Duties


  • Register their participation at the FÖP at the SSC.
  • Prepare (a) Anmeldung/Registration plus (b) Exposé and submit them to the SSC (with vDSPL in cc).
  • Prepare a presentation
  • On the date of the FÖP, present their work and answer the corresponding questions


  • Coordinate the dates for future FÖP with the SSC/Faculty. Find rooms/times. Define dates in advance.
  • Received the candidate’s (a) Anmeldung, (b) Exposé, and (c) Protokoll from the SSC via email
  • Reply to the SSC with habilitated members of the FÖP committee (check VISESS webpage)
  • Confirm participation of all FÖP committee members
  • Chair the FÖP, take notes of the Q&A, collect evaluation and signatures from the committee
  • Send Protokoll + Registration back to SSC with committee members in CC.


  • Coordinate the candidate’s Exposé before submission.
  • Assist and advise the candidate on the preparation of their presentation

FÖP comittee members

  • Confirm their presence at the FÖP in advance.
  • Be present at the FÖP. IMPORTANT: If any of the FÖP members could not make it due to unforeseen circumstances, they must send their detailed comments, suggestions, and recommendations for all the PhD projects evaluated this term after reading the corresponding Exposé before the FÖP to the vDSPL so they can be included in the discussions.
  • Ask questions after presentation
  • Evaluate the quality of the PhD project and suggest changes, if needed.
  • Sign Protokoll (and acknowledge reception via email).
  • Send back to SSC with candidate and supervisory team in cc